Wartime Sweetheart Jewelry

For soldiers during World Wars I and II, exchanging letters and mementos kept them connected with the home front and strengthened bonds with friends and loved ones back in the States. Many of the sentimental items were sent home from servicemen are referred to as “sweetheart” collectibles now.

The tradition of sending home keepsake items actually started during World War I when the strain of the Great War made keeping in touch with the folks back home seem even more important. The sweetheart custom continued when the U.S. faced more formidable opponents during World War II.

One of the favorite ways to show patriotism and feel close to those serving our country was expressed through wearing a special piece of jewelry reflecting the branch of service a sweetheart, son or brother was representing. Whether in the form of a necklace, bracelet or pin, these patriotic symbols provide a heart-felt look back at the 1940s and beyond.