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Our History

Noble Treasures Antiques is located on the main street of historic Old Town Lafayette, an area known for high-quality shops and restaurants. It boasts a comfortable, pedestrian-friendly vibe. We always stay open late for Old Town’s monthly Art Night Out (May-September) … so be sure to stop by to say hello.

Our shop is an antique and collectibles mall with over 20 dealers. It overflows with variety! You’ll find beautiful antique furniture, garden statuary, primitives large and small, lots of vintage items … kitchen gadgets, fine and costume jewelry, a large selection of old books, Depression, Carnival and crystal glassware as well as collectibles of all kinds. A visit here reveals treasures in every nook and cranny.

Our focus has always been to offer customers great value in honestly represented antiques at fair prices – as well as good, old-fashioned service. It’s a place where when you walk in you’re greeted with a smile.

FYI … Noble Treasures Antiques is home to a ghost! Our “Affectionate Protector” is Terry, late husband of Nancy West, the shop’s longtime landlord. Customers have reported seeing Terry in his plaid shirt, hanging out in this or that corner of the store. And then there are the unexplained events … a toy being moved from one location to another, plates suddenly found inside cupboards where they weren’t before, a deer head making its way from its home high on the wall to the floor, without breaking any of the surrounding glass items and with the nail it hung from still pointing upwards. That’s Terry, making his friendly presence known.

Customers have reported various other apparitions over the years, sitting in a rocking chair or admiring an old chest of drawers, perhaps tending the items they once so loved.

Come browse Noble Treasures Antiques. Depending on your luck, you may find an antique you didn’t know you needed … or spot a friendly spirit!