Sustainable Antiques

A boon in antique furniture sales has been driven by eco-conscious millennials who are rejecting “fast furniture”.

What could be more sustainable than buying furniture built to last, and reused over-and-over again? 

It’s hard to imagine that furniture that lasts for 100 years, and may be sold maybe three or four times, has a higher carbon footprint than flatpack mass manufactured stuff that may be trashed in ten years.

It definitely helps that people care about green furniture, and this combined with the history and the craftsmanship really appeals to 21st century people.

The trend is towards sustainability and less of a throwaway culture as many members of the younger generation are filling their houses with antique finds.

Today we can say that everyone who works in the antique world is working in the world’s most sustainable industry. Changes in consumer behavior, led by millennials are driving this new interest in using renewable pre-owned items.