Antique Dry Sink

Before running water, dry sinks were used to hold the pitcher and wash basin that were standard in any well equipped home. You might find a dry sink in the kitchen or bedroom area, and more than one farmer’s wife kept one on the back porch.

The dry sink was a cabinet with a recessed area on top. More expensive dry sinks had these areas lined with copper or other waterproof material. The recessed area kept the water from the pitcher and bowl contained while someone washed up. The dry sink also had storage areas where extra towels and personal items would be kept. Generally there was a hook, bar, or other device to hang up the towel.

So versatile is this piece of furniture that you can add it to almost any room. It is a nostalgic addition to a large country kitchen, in a Victorian bedroom it looks just right with a pitcher and bowl, and it can be transformed into a bathroom vanity or a potting bench as well.